Orphic League

OrphicLeagueLogo.pngThe Gentleman’s Fraternal Order of the Orphic Rite was founded in London in the mid-nineteenth century, one of a number of organizations dedicated to exploring the Victorian fascination with spiritism. The Orphic Order quickly evolved into a gentleman’s club with a focus on winnowing true supernatural phenomena from the chaff of charlatanism. It has maintained this focus over the past fifty odd years, and now has branches and proponents around the globe.

The New York chapter of the Orphic League (renamed to sound more egalitarian) was founded recently. It is the second League chapter to be founded in America, with the Boston chapter being the first. Its modest offices are located on Eighth Street, and its primary activities are mailing a monthly newsletter to members and consulting on cases of suspected paranormal activity.

Your investigator is part of the Orphic League. I will be asking a few questions about the League before we start creating characters.

1. Who is a founding member of the New York chapter of the League?

2. Who is a true believer in the supernatural? Who is a skeptic?

3. Where does the Orphic League get its funding? Does one of the investigators bankroll it? Is the League barely getting by?

4. How much contact does the New York chapter have with other League chapters worldwide?

Orphic League

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