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FATE Core SRD Skill List

Academics: Covers education, scholarship, and knowledge. Importantly for this game, Academics also covers the number of additional languages your character knows. You are fluent in one additional language per rank of Academics. You don’t have to determine what languages you know at the outset of the game; you can fill in your language slots during play.

Alertness: Awareness of your surroundings and your perception of danger. It also determines your initiative in physical conflicts.

Art: Covers any artistic endeavor, from painting to sculpture to acting. Also functions as a knowledge skill, allowing for appraisal and assessment of works of art.

Athletics: General coordination and fast-twitch muscle power. This is usually the skill used to evade incoming physical attacks.

Burglary: Criminal and thieving abilities. Picking locks and pockets, disabling devices, and casing joints for later break-ins are all covered here.

Contacts: Who you know and who knows you. If you want to be able to call in favors, get the word on the street, or be recognized in every port, this is your skill.

Craft: Could also be referred to as engineering; unlike art, this skill involves building (or breaking) functional objects. This skill covers repairing a car, rigging a trap, or disabling an engine.

Deceit: Lying to and misdirecting people; could also be used to feint in combat, cause a distraction, or possibly create a disguise (though a stunt would help if disguises are going to be your character’s thing).

Empathy: Understanding the moods and reactions of others; telling if someone is being genuine with you; noticing social threats. Used as initiative in social conflicts.

Fists: The ability to hold your own in a bare-knuckle brawl; could also cover martial arts. See the link under Weapons (Fight) for more specifics.

Guns: The ability to hit things with a gun or other ranged weapon (such as a bow).

Intimidation: The ability to get an emotional response out of someone by threatening, blackmailing, or otherwise provoking them. Can be used to make social attacks.

Investigation: Unlike Alertness, this involves systematically searching an environment in order to find clues or things that are hidden.

Mysteries: A catch-all skill for knowledge of the occult, faith in things that can’t be seen, and minor psychic abilities. A counterpoint to science.

Physique: Physical strength and endurance. Use Physique to lift heavy objects, resist disease, or create an advantage using brute force. Your physical stress is equal to 2 plus half of your Physique score, rounded up.

Pilot: The ability to operate and control any sort of man-made vehicle. Cars and planes are both lumped into this skill; use stunts to represent your character’s expertise.

Rapport: Diplomacy, playing well with others, and making other people like you.

Resources: Your financial and tangible assets. This can represent money, property, or other things (though cash on hand will be the most useful for this game).

Science: All scientific disciplines, plus medical knowledge. Again, use stunts to represent expertise. May not be as pulpy as it’s represented in SotC.

Stealth: Hiding, moving silently, and getting into places unseen. Opposed by Alertness and Investigation.

Survival: General outdoorsy skill; covers foraging, building campfires, and also handling and riding animals.

Weapons: Attacking and injuring someone with a melee weapon. Can be used to parry other weapon attacks.

Will: The ability to withstand manipulation, retain a sense of self, and avoid plunging into insanity. Can be used to defend against social and sanity attacks. Your mental stress is equal to 2 plus half of your Will score, rounded up. See Magic and Mythos for additional Will-related rules.

There is also a secret skill, Mythos, that investigators may gain access to over the course of the adventure. See Magic and Mythos for additional Mythos rules.


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